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The Early Ford V-8 Club of America is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of all Ford Motor Company vehicles manufactured 1932 – 1953.  The efforts of V-8 Club members to restore and preserve their cars are showcased at National Meets typically held in three U.S. locations each year; Western, Central & Eastern.  Every fifth year one Grand National Meet is held, usually in Dearborn, Michigan.  The 50th Anniversary Grand National Meet was held in June 2013 in Lake Tahoe, CA/NV, the location of the first National meets of the Club.  These National Meets are far more than a car show and include meetings and seminars of interest to the members, tours of surrounding attractions, often incorporating driving tours in club cars, and an awards banquet to honor these great cars and the efforts of their owners.

The highlight of the National Meet is the Concourse, a one-day event where members’ cars are displayed.  There are categories for all types of members’ cars:  judged divisions to verify the accuracy and authenticity of restoration and preservation, touring divisions where meet participants vote for their favorites, and display class for vehicles that do not meet the requirements for concourse or touring division.  Although the Concourse is not normally advertised to the public, spectators are welcome.  However, you must be a member in good standing of the Early Ford V-8 Club of America to enter a vehicle on the Concourse.  Every vehicle on the Concourse must have completed an operational check at the meet and must display an approved fire extinguisher by the left front wheel while on the Concourse.

The following information about Vehicle Divisions and Awards has been excerpted from the Early Ford V-8 Club of America Judging Manual, as published by the Club and available on its website.  It is intended to enhance understanding and enjoyment of the National Meets and as a guide for members intending to participate in these meets.  Remember, the official authority is always the Judging Manual and the registration materials provided by meet organizers.  Please click the hyperlink for each division for details and available awards.

Judged Divisions

Concourse Division – All eligible club vehicles entered which are to be point-judged and have not previously won the Dearborn Award. 

Dearborn Division - All eligible club vehicles entered which are to be point-judged and have previously won the Dearborn Award.  

Rouge Division – All eligible club vehicles that are in un-restored, original as manufactured condition.

Vehicles Not Judged, But Subject to Visual Inspection

Dearborn Emeritus Division - All eligible club vehicles which have previously won a V-8 Dearborn Medallion Award, and have had a minimum of one walk-around.

Vehicles Not Judged, But Voted on by Participants

Touring Division and Touring Division-A (Accessories) - All eligible club vehicles entered which are not point-judged or participating in the Rouge Division.

Display Class – all vehicles of Ford manufacture from 1932-1953 that do not qualify for any of the other concourse or touring classifications.  The regional group hosting the meet will have the discretion of whether awards will be given in this class and whether a popular vote will be held.

National Meet Schedule

2023 Grand National Meet - Dearborn, Michigan - June 11-17, 2023 - See full report in the September/October V-8 Times

2024 Central National Meet - Auburn, Indiana - June 17-24, 2024 - Download Full Registration Forms   Download Info Package   Go To Meet Website

2024 Eastern National Meet - Clayton, New York - September 15-20, 2024 - Download Full Registration Forms   Download Info Package    Go To Meet Website

National Meet History

One or more National Meets have been held every year since 1965, except for during the Covid pandemic.  Click here for a comprehensive list of all National Meets.

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