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All eligible club vehicles unrestored, original as manufactured which meet the requirements set forth in the judging rules for the Rouge Division and are not participating in the Dearborn, Concourse, or Touring Divisions.  

Eligibility for Rouge Award

  1. Vehicles will be considered for certification in one or more of three areas:  Interior, Exterior, and/or Running Gear (which includes the engine).  Originality, as manufactured, is the primary criteria for certification.  Cosmetic condition, wear and tear, except for items which might affect safety, will not be considered.  Proper maintenance and reasonable cleaning is expected.

  2. A minimum of 90% of the area being considered must be original from the manufacture of the vehicle to be certified for the Rouge Award or subsequent V-8 Medallion Award.

  3. Allowable replacement parts for original vehicles shall be limited to:

    1. Water hoses and  fan belts.

    2. Spark plugs.

    3. Water pumps and fuel pumps.

    4. Generator and starter.

    5. Distributor and battery.

    6. Tires and Tubes

    7. Topping fabric and pads on open cars, however top boot and side curtains shall be original.

    8. Top insert of 1932-1936 model closed cars.

    9. Exhaust pipe, muffler and tail pipe.

    10. Windshield wiper blades.

    11. Minimum amount of wiring to be replaced/ repaired to ensure dependable operation and drivability is allowed. The replacement of entire looms is discouraged. 

  4. Allowed replacement parts shall be the correct type, finish, and color for the year and model of the vehicle.

  5. Parts which are repainted, replated, refinished, reupholstered, or in any way restored are not original as manufactured.

  6. Past winners of the Dearborn Award/Medallion are eligible for the Rouge Division.

Rouge Division Awards

  1. All un-restored, original as manufactured, vehicles which meet criteria set forth in the judging rules for the Rouge Division and are certified on the Concourse at a National Meet will be awarded the Rouge Award for the preservation of original features.

  2. The Rouge Award plaque will be similar to the Dearborn plaque in all way s except the title plate identifying the award.

  3. All vehicles that have won the Rouge Award at a previous National Meet may be entered to repeat certification to qualify for a V-8 Medallion Award.  A vehicle must continue to meet the criteria here for a repeat certification.

  4. The Rouge Award will be engraved to indicate the meet, date, and location where the award was earned, along with the year and type of vehicle and the name of the owner.

  5. V-8 Medallions will be engraved with the meet and the date.

  6. The meet logo or inset from the meet souvenir gearshift knob may be used on the lower circle of the 8 on the V-8 Medallion to satisfy part of the requirements of paragraphs C and D above.

  7. The Rouge Award license tab will also be presented to a vehicle the second time it is certified.

Source:  Judging Manual, Early Ford V-8 Club of America

Disclaimer:  The information in this document or web page has been excerpted from the Judging Manual of the Early Ford V-8 Club of America, as published in the annual Roster of Members.  It is intended as a guide for members to increase their understanding and enjoyment of Early Ford V-8 Club National Meets or for assistance to members in preparing a car for entry at a National Meet.  Remember, the official authority is always the Judging Manual and the registration materials provided by meet organizers.